Learn from your emotions, here and now!

All your emotions can teach you something, both good and bad. Do not run away from the latter, since they will remain there when you turn around, waiting for you to solve them

Learn from your emotions so you have more control over them . Because they always want to tell you something, be it good or bad.


We tend to lament for those negative emotions that approach us and seem to plunge us into misery.

Sometimes, we escape from them, ignore them and avoid listening towhat they have to teach us.

Today you will discover how to learn from your emotions, without running away from them and discovering everything they want to convey to you.

Become your own translator

Learn from your emotions today by becoming your own translator.Dedicate yourself to look for the meaning of what is addressing you .why not you find out more here??

You know how you feel, the problems you have been submerged in, so you have easy to know how to interpret what is happening to you.

For example, imagine that there are difficulties in your relationship, which for some time you do not feel good in it.

Learn from your emotions so that they help you solve what happens to you.

Do not judge, just stay tuned

Sometimes, emotions may be too much for you and you do not know how to manage them.

When this happens you can go for a walk or do some exercise to clear and see them with greater clarity.

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The important thing in this case is that you do not judge what you feel;just limit yourself to observe your emotions in order to understand the message they want to convey to you.

For this it helps a lot to practice mindfulness or do some meditation. And is that any of these two practices will allow you to focus on the here and now and not go to the past in an unconscious attempt to judge your feelings.

Being attentive to what you notice in your body and letting it out will help you discover what happens to you and what you should heal in you .

Trust in you and learn this more here now from your emotions

When you come face to face with your emotions, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of sensations that are going to approach you and that you will not be able to control.

However, now you know how to put order before all that chaos: you just have to seek to calm your mind and clear it moving and not judging.

In spite of all this, you may have the great temptation to bury your head on the ground again so as not to see what is making you feel nothing good.

Anxiety, fears, all this is something that you do not like and want to run away from. But, if you do, everything will still be there waiting for you to listen.

Do not get discouraged and be ready to learn from your emotions, especially those that you like the least . They have so much to teach you that you can not imagine it.

Do you know how much you can grow after this learning?

Do not try to control everything

Perhaps you make the mistake of trying to control your emotions by absolute , but doing so will lead you to want to hoard them and lock them up.

Allow yourself that insecurity that most likely you can not control everything, although you can put some order and redirect what you are feeling.

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Learn from your emotions by allowing yourself to express them and observing them without judgments that may cloud the information they are trying to convey to you.

Your emotions have a lot to teach you , so let them guide you without trying to control them, repress them or ignore them.


Stop turning your back on them and start looking straight ahead. It is important to be brave.


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