The best SSD Web hosting on SwiftServers

Studies show that the page load time of your site has a direct impact on your bounce rate, conversion rate, search records and, as expected, the satisfaction of your visitors. You can get the best products and page layout, but if you have a slow loading site, your visitors will get information from, and buy from, other sites. That’s why choosing our SSD server hosting is so important. Your site is not only hosted on our SSD, but you also get the benefit of our exclusive best wordpress ssd hosting services.

Our SwiftServer platform is the result of more than 10 years of experience managing high-speed sites and making the necessary changes in servers and networks for you to obtain the fastest performance . In addition to the benefits of high-speed hosting in SSDs, our SwiftServer platform also includes:

  • CloudFlare CDN free for improved performance
  • Choice of data center locations, so your content is closer to your visitors
  • Turbo server option 20 times faster
  • Railgun optimizer for shorter HTML times
  • Servers properly loaded

images (9)Reliable SSD Web Hosting

You not only host your site on our ultra-fast SSDs , but also your account is backed by our commitment of 99.9 % active time . That means you can expect ultra-reliable performance!

Do you have questions about our SSD hosting plans? Our team of experts in 24/7/365 support can help! They can tell you all about how you can install the most popular software applications like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla with one click. Start now without any risk with our guarantee of reimbursement always. Your site hosted on our high performance SSDs is a highly powerful combination.

The SSD advantage of A2 Hosting

  • Higher speeds – Speed ​​is the obvious advantage of SSD hosting. According to our speed tests, the sites hosted on our SSDs have page loads 300 % faster than the sites hosted on an HDD.
  • Improved reliability – Because SSDs are more efficient at controlling read / write operations, they are also more resolutive at peak traffic times. SSDs are also more durable because they have no moving parts, so they wear out more slowly than HDDs.
  • Ecological – SSDs consume less power than traditional HDDs. And as a provider of ecological lodging , that for us is a plus point!

But the most important thing is that the SSD hosting is simply faster. Start now completely without any risk with our money back guarantee always!here are look at top 6 wordpress hosting comppanies with ssd hosting.

What is SSD hosting?

Before we became one of the first providers to offer hosting of solid state drives (SSD), we offered hosting of hard disk drives (HDD). Although HDDs use rotating trays with a read / write head on a mechanical arm to record data, SSDs on the other hand use flash memories. The main advantage of the speed of the SSD arises from that these do not contain moving parts , so that the times of reading and writing are reduced drastically. A2 Hosting SSDs execute thousands of input / output operations every second , while HDDs can only perform hundreds.

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