Michael Weichhardt


Michael Weichhardt has been rehearsing combative techniques since 1999, and later took in the inner specialties of the San Feng Line in Wudangshan, under the exact preparing of Master Yuan Xiu Gang and Master Xiangwen Chen. He before long created exceptional capacities in inside hand to hand fighting as the ace understudy of Xiangwen Chen. he might likewise want to the way that in 25 years in China at the Wudang school from ace Yuan Xiu Gang – it was the first occasion when that an understudy figured out how to accomplish a full split in only 7 days.


The International Wudang Academy of Internal expressions offers chance to consistently comprehend the San Feng social legacy in its applicability.From a sound body and brain to singular self development,the inward wudang expressions in our institute clarify a widespread understanding that everybody can proceed to live and speak to for themselves. There work is based on three main categories.They are given bellow:

1.Internal martial arts

2.Preventive curative arts

3.Applied philosophy


Wudang Mountain is the No.1 Taoist Mountain in China and the origin of Wudang Kung Fu – Tai Chi, situated in Wudangshan Town, Shiyan City of Hubei Province. In 1994, Wudang Mountain was announced to be an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Wudang Mountains has grand spots, for example, Taizipo, Purple Cloud, Nanyan, and Jinding. The beautiful spots are encompassed by mountains and rich backwoods, looking like a couple of parchments. Wudang is likewise one of the significant hand to hand fighting combative techniques schools in China, and you can see the masters and martial arts enthusiasts practicing martial arts here.

The Wudang Academy is the main European quality Institute for expert ace training.agreed preparing rules must be executed,premature end is absurd. The preparation program of Wudang foundation has a particular structure, ,whereby the essential training module is required for interest in any further instruction.

After the effective finishing of the fundamental training,the individual discussion for further individual examination progress takes place.There are four modules to pick structure:

1.Qi Gong

2.Tai Ji

3.Gong Fu

4.Tai yi


Trainer certification: Ensured mentors are approved by the Academy to educate in their general vicinity of expertise.The coach is obliged to keep preparing inside one year in our classes if another module isn’t gone for in this period.


The splits. What are they? The parts are an extremely noteworthy accomplishment of adaptability that is gainful for a wide assortment of exercises, including expressive dance, martial arts, gymnastic and yoga. Preparing to do the parts can take months or even long periods of training for a few, yet come effectively for other people. All in all, however youngsters under 12 will have a simpler time learning the parts rapidly as adaptability diminishes with age. There is no real way to easy route to the parts, so prepared to get extending? It might be troublesome, however continue attempting. Make sure to be patient and practice your stretches to expand your adaptability.

Regardless of whether you ought to do a 7-day split challenge relies upon your objectives. “Having the option to do a split is a quite certain objective”. “I know individuals who can’t do a split however who have adequate portability and adaptability to move well, and live damage free.”

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