Six websites (and some extra) to play board games online, free and with friends

The world is experiencing strange days, with many isolated people, studying or performing from home and avoiding going out the maximum amount as possible to stop the present situation with the coronavirus from worsening. And now that the weekend is coming and that we are presented with leisure ahead that we’ve to unravel from home , perhaps some recommendations will are available handy.


In Tabletopia you discover an outsized library of board games , quite 600 in total. From the online it’s possible to access multiple demos of varied games without having to register, you only need to look for those with a label that says “Try Now” .

Now, if you furthermore may register on the location you’ll play the whole library of games , either alone, online if there are more players, otherwise you can create your own game and share the link with several friends (depending on the game) to play together in real time.

Tabletop is free as long as you do not play quite two games at an equivalent time. The games look pretty cool, there are multiple languages, and overall everything is straightforward to use.

Board Game Arena

Board Game Arena may be a fairly large platform of online board games . they need 174 games and a really active community. Most games are free (some require a premium subscription), everything is from the browser, and works on the desktop or mobile easily .

In addition to the present , parlor game Arena is out there in Spanish. Before you begin you’ll be asked to pick some games that you simply are conversant in , and that they also will teach you ways to play new games in order that you encounter new challenges. you’ll join rankings and compete online with other players.

Catan Universe

Catan is one among the foremost famous board games out there, and yet some might not realize it features a free online version . In Catan Universe you’ve got access to a web version of the sport made for the browser, in Spanish which looks pretty cool.

To access most of the game’s content, they’re going to ask you for a few things, like registering, and completing the tutorial to unlock aspects. Overall, it’s extremely worthwhile , especially if you’ve never played it and need to find out .


A lifelong classic, still exists, it still has plenty of simple games to play alone or with friends and it’s still free. the sole bad thing is that it’s not as crowded because it was at its best, and it also requires that you simply install Flash, so you’ll want to choose other options or simply enable the plugin while playing.

However, it’s still an honest choice to hang around as there are many things to entertain yourself there, including a good selection of board games .

Aso Brain Games

Aso Brain Games may be a fairly serious online parlor game community . Here while you’ll play tons of things with a particularly dedicated gamer community, you’ve got to stay in mind that you simply even have to be a fanatical gamer, and be willing to follow their rules.

At Aso Brain Games, you’ll only play if you register and registrations are limited by region and timeout. They also don’t accept account records with popular emails like Gmail or Microsoft Live. in order that they make it very difficult for somebody who has no intention of being a really committed player to offer up easily.

Completely opposite to the previous one is that this simple website called Pinturillo2 , it’s not only very simple , you’ll play casually immediately, but it’s one game: a Pictionary clone .

It is online, it’s free, it’s in Spanish, it works and there are always players connected to play for a short time and waste time, otherwise you can create a personal table together with your friends. I even have to incorporate it because few things are so simple and straight to the purpose . No paralysis by analysis.

Additional features

I have left these last two recommendations for last. the primary is Vassal , which isn’t an internet site but an application. It’s actually a game engine made especially for enjoying online adaptations of famous board games .

Vassal is free and open source, so you’ll download it for Windows, Linux or macOS and install it on your computer completely free. From this link you’ll see the list of games that are currently playing on their servers.

The last recommendation is additionally something that has got to be installed, and it also costs money, but if you actually like that about online board games, with Tabletop Simulator you’ve got a computer game available on Steam that has other classic board games or that you simply Lets create yours. it’s all an experience, and it even has VR support. Want to read more click here.

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