The best free games to play from the browser

The web browsers are much more than a search tool or network gateway to networks became true gaming platforms capable of challenging our skills and quench our thirst for adventure. Alone or in company. A gaming ecosystem during which many of the only experiences are also free .

An almost necessary obvious: despite the actual fact that Stadia uses Google Chrome to run its games, the cloud technology used has nothing to undertake to to with the game in streaming.

In essence, a browser game could also be a game that runs through the planet Wide Web using the technology present in Chrome, Firefox, Safari or any of the browsers, although more often than not, plug-ins are also used. like Macromedia Shockwave, Macromedia Flash Player.

Forge of empires:

Forge of Empires is one of the foremost recommended proposals on our list. the first version arrived in 2012 and has gradually added weight due to combining the expansion of civilizations with historical nuances with turn-based combat on hexagonal boards.


The name reveals its proposal: Freeciv was born as a free alternative to the Civilization saga , allowing the player to enjoy maps and two-dimensional and three-dimensional elements in single player modes, also as interesting multiplayer options, highlighting the play-by-email and a hotseat mode during which multiple players share teams.

Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

The latest addition to our review of the game of Thrones playable trajectory has its weak points, but that doesn’t mean it can delight fans of the series. GTarcade makes the foremost of the HBO license by that concentrate on the foremost celebrated element of the past few seasons: mass battles.


The chaos of the Battle Royale presented through an ingenious section that follows within the wake of the classic The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past . An impossible combination on paper that, when playing, works surprisingly well. Enough to chain several penultimate games consecutively.

Heroes of Might and Magic Online

Ubisoft deconstructs the legendary RPG saga to transform it into an MMO during which epicity, fantastic creatures and magic take hold of the renewed turn-based combat system created for the occasion, with a further incentive: cooperative games.


A simple approach, a real challenge: the thought is to rotate on a hexagonal surface avoiding within the least costs the walls and figures that approach us. the reality is that, given the very tight sensitivity of movements, holding quite three minutes is an odyssey.

Higher or Lower

Perhaps it is a really simple experience but really, but that does not make it any less interesting: two concepts that have no face-to-face relationship and a problem (in English) which of the two generates more interest in searches? The results won’t leave you indifferent.

A particular twist to the Katamari formula: in we’ll be a kind of hole which can gobble up everything that appears on the screen while gaining in size. However, during this game we’ll not be the only player controlling that bottomless pit, so we’ll end up swallowed by another player’s hole. Surreal and fun.

Little simulation

In essence, Little simulation could be defined as an RTS that mixes the gameplay of the first two Warcraft with a tremendously simplistic visual. But actually , those enthusiastic to real-time strategy don’t need graphs to lose themselves for hours.

Meat boy

Before making the leap to become one of the very best ambassadors of indie games, Meat Boy surprised us through a platform with a gameplay of ten and an exquisite difficulty in crescendo. Impossible to not continue playing after the first game. play online games this website.

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