Bored? The best online browser games without downloading or installing

With the passage of time and the advancement of new technologies, it has made more and more followers of browser games, since they offer the advantage of being able to enjoy them without the need for installations, as can happen with PC games. Gone are the solo games so that today, multiplayer games are the most claimed. Of course, we can enjoy this type of games through PC games, from game consoles or simply from the browser, without the need for more facilities. If you are passionate about browser games, these are some of the best you can enjoy from the vast majority of modern browsers. You can enjoy classic games, such as the best online trivia games, or bet on these more modern games for your browser.

What are browser video games

Video games or browser games are those that we can run from the web browser itself, Microsoft Edge, Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. A type of video games that do not need installation, since they run directly in the browser taking advantage of their own technology, although that may require certain plugins or add-ons.

That said, about saying that one of the main advantages of browser video games or online browser games is that it is cross-platform, since they can be run from any web browser regardless of whether we are in a Windows, Linux, macOS environment, etc. . In addition, they are much more accessible video games than the PC games themselves, since the graphic or hardware requirements for this type of games are minimal. A good browser and a good Internet connection are enough to have a great experience.

Technology behind this type of online games

As we have just commented, within browser games, there are those that require certain plugins or add-ons to be able to run them or those that do not need any support software for us to run them.

These plugins or plugins can be of different types, although yes, most are usually free. The most common are the Java virtual machine itself, Macromedia Shockwave or Macromedia Flash Player, among others.

However, on the other hand we can find browser games that do not need any external plugin, since they only use the Javascript language to give usability to the game. Still, there are games where you don’t even need to have JavaScript enabled to enjoy them.

While video games that require external plugins are generally processed on the user’s own computer instead of the server that stores them, there are others with multiplayer capabilities that require both processes. On the other hand, there are other types of browser games that, unlike the previous ones, are processed by the server but using local area network protocols. This type of video games do not require plugins, although they are usually visually unappealing video games.

The best online browser games

Although it is a game that became very popular a few years ago, even lagging itself in the game’s servers, is still one of the browser video games that many people continue to dedicate their time to. The game is to make our character, a simple circle or ball, bigger and bigger.

To do this, it is enough to gradually absorb other smaller balls simply by moving. Little by little we will be picking up a greater volume and we will be able to absorb larger balls as long as the rest of the players allow it, since they have the same objective.

Tomb Raider

It is undoubtedly one of the most popular video game sagas on any of the platforms available, what’s more, thanks to the Open Lara project, it is possible to enjoy Tomb Raider as a browser game for free.

Although the graphics have nothing to do with the original version for other platforms, the truth is that the gameplay is very good and does not require power on our device to be able to move it. In this way, we can enjoy Tomb Raider from the browser of almost any PC, mobile or tablet without any problem.

Games of Thrones Winter is coming

A browser game that is sure to excite many people is Games of Thrones Winter is coming. Without a doubt, Game of Thrones has been the series par excellence and many millions of people have followed it since the first season. Therefore, those followers of the series who are lovers of video games will surely get hooked on this game. Play to Games of Thrones Winter is coming. Want to Read more click

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