The best free games to play from the browser

The web browsers are much more than a search tool or network gateway to networks have become true gaming platforms capable of challenging our skills and quench our thirst for adventure. Alone or in company. A gaming ecosystem in which many of the best experiences are also free.

An almost necessary obvious: despite the fact that Stadia uses Google Chrome to run its games, the cloud technology used has nothing to do with the game in streaming.

In essence, a browser game is a game that runs through the   World Wide Web using the technology present in Chrome, Firefox, Safari or any of the browsers, although more often than not, plug-ins are also used. like Macromedia Shockwave, Macromedia Flash Player.


A perfect match between strategy games and digital card games tied to a rather elaborate campaign mode. Its gameplay may not strictly fit what is expected of both genres, but if you are a fan of either, it will be your downfall.

Realm of the Mad God

Realm of the Mad God boasts to be the first bullet hell style Free to Play MMO, and if that already sounds crazy you have to see it in motion: action in its purest form, a real storm of pixels that is approaching us, powerful bosses and, to crown this, their own permadeath system. A genius.


With 10 million active free accounts and more than 200 million accounts created, we can say that the MMORPG proposal that Jagex proposes to us had to be on our list. What’s more, it is the historical rival of the World of Warcraft itself, coming to compete for Guinness on occasion. Little joke

Samurai Shodown
Despite sharing a name with the SNK classic, the title of Sandeep M. is quite different. We will be a wandering samurai who will have to face hordes of enemies with a click of the top-down perspective, rewarding ourselves that we measure the times. A unique experience that also benefits from its own arena mode.

Science kombat

Imagine a Street Fighter starring the greatest minds in history. From Pythagoras to Stephen Hawking through Tesla or Marie Curie. Each one with its own and very particular special movements. Highly recommended! Play games here.

Shell shockers

It is unquestionable that the first thing that catches the attention of this shooter is that it is starring eggs that we will not take long to see hatch. However, its gameplay and design are bulletproof: equally intense and fun.


If you are passionate about DOOM , the new John Romero is a must: we are talking about a continuation of the original classic as a spiritual successor. For practical purposes: nine single-player levels, nine deathmatch levels and huge doses of bullets and blood.

Squadd Royale

What happens if we combine the rules of Battle Royale, the appearance of Minecraft and an isometric top-down perspective? The short answer is   Squadd Royale . The not so short is that it is a proposal as fun as it is casual that has sneaked into thousands of homes and, recently, has begun to conquer Android phones.

Sonic with a Gun

It is not really Sonic, but a very special Jazz Jackrabbit mod in which we can unleash the Epic Games icon in settings strongly inspired by the SEGA classic. A madness that is very difficult to resist.

Super Smash Flash 2

A cheeky pixelated Super Smash Bros. clone that balances nintendera gameplay with three essentials: its free, easy to play, and a selectable panel featuring Goku, Naruto, or Isaac from Golden Sun. Only for the latter is it already worth a chance.


At a glance, TagPro is the team capture the flag game reduced to the minimum visual expression. In practice, its gameplay, the design of its levels and its power-ups turn this competition of colored dots into a festival of chaos and multiplayer fun.

Tanki Online

Explosive multiplayer tank battles in which the key is in the customization of the vehicles, weapons that give an extra aggressiveness to the set and games as absurd as spectacular that are resolved in huge flaming explosions.

Tiny Heist

The creator of VVVVVV and Super Hexagon surprised us in 2017 with a new browser game in which, without derailing from the visual simplicity that characterizes him, he reformulated the concept of the roguelike adding strategic and infiltration components. Of course, do not bother learning each level: each screen will be different and if we are shot down we will start from scratch

Treasure Arena

Treasure Arena makes simplicity its master weapon. This retro looking game is an arena for up to four players in which we can fill ourselves with loot and fight against other enemies while we unlock new weapons. However, there are elements to take into account: its highly successful combat system, practical, intuitive and effective.

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