bitcoin calculator

Use this bitcoin calculator to find out exactly how much your bitcoin is worth in any of the supported global currencies, using accurate, up-to-date exchange rates.
Get real-time and historical trends in the BTC value for your selected currency and easily perform any of the following currency conversions:
– BTC to USD
– BTC to AUD
– BTC to BRL
– BTC to CAD
– BTC to CHF
– BTC to CLP
– BTC to CNY
– BTC to DKK
– BTC to EUR
– BTC to GBP
– BTC to HKD
– BTC to INR
– BTC to ISK
– BTC to JPY
– BTC to KRW
– BTC to NZD
– BTC to PLN
– BTC to RUB
– BTC to SEK
– BTC to THB
– BTC to TRY
– BTC to TWD
Sign up to any of our recommended bitcoin exchanges to start buying and selling BTC today.
– Backed by real-time price data and interactive charts
– Total circulating BTC
– Market capitalization
– Daily trade volume
– Easy access to your favorite exchanges

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