Different Types of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can be clipped, glued, or even sewn on natural hair by incorporating additional human hair. The attachment is initially chosen among dozens of variants to match the color of the strands perfectly. It can be also adjusted to your hair after the procedure.
Nowadays there are different types of hair extensions.
One of the most popular is the clip-in hair method because everybody can use it at home.
Tape-in hair extensions have a lot of benefits including minimal damage to your natural hair.
Flat-tip hair extensions can be easily removed whenever you want.
As for sew-in hair extensions, this method requires no glue and still, it is a long-term solution.
Microlink hair extensions look really gorgeous. The extended hair is undetectable.
Choosing nano bead hair extensions means no risk of thermal damage during the application.
The last method left is fusion hair extensions. It is most durable one as it can stay in for about 6 months.

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