The best free games to play from the browser

The web browsers are much more than a search tool or network gateway to networks became true gaming platforms capable of challenging our skills and quench our thirst for adventure. Alone or in company. A gaming ecosystem during which many of the only experiences are also free.

An almost necessary obvious: despite the actual fact that Stadia uses Google Chrome to run its games, the cloud technology used has nothing to undertake to to with the game in streaming.

In essence, a browser game could also be a game that runs through the planet Wide Web using the technology present in Chrome, Firefox, Safari or any of the browsers, although more often than not, plug-ins are also used. like Macromedia Shockwave, Macromedia Flash Player.

A dark room

A conversational adventure in English whose liability is that the barrier . A dark room begins with a dark scene during which we must initially keep the fireside alive within the face of solemn darkness. Fortunately, the arrival of a builder will change our luck: little by little we’ll create our own village and as we explore its dangerous limits.

Four game modes (including a Battle Royale mode) and a tremendously simple premise: as alittle entity that absorbs small balls on the move. Little by little we’ll be gaining enough volume to assimilate larger balls, although we’ll not be alone: the rest of the players have our same intentions. From there it’s about eating or being eaten. Play games here.

Bit heroes

Although it’s available for free of charge of charge on Steam and mobile devices, all you’d wish to attempt to to to tackle this pixelated MMORPG is have a window of your usual browser open. Modest in presentation, generous intimately .

Bullet Force:

It may not be Counter Strike , but Bullet Force could also be a multiplayer first-person shooter with a very successful finish. it’s scheduled to arrive on Steam (it has been in early access since 2016) although it’s possible to launch games from browsers and totally free after downloading almost 260 Megs.

Classic Minecraft

A leap back in time to Mojang’s original voxed universe. an entire sandbox to lose yourself in while creating builds or scaling to the center of the planet , with the added option that this version offers the facility to ask other players to our server.

Dead Trigger 2

Using facebook as a base, this commitment to arcade-style shooters will put us before a peculiar zombie apocalypse facing off against beings of all sizes in extreme situations. Aiming isn’t your thing? Its self-firing mode will only launch projectiles when the cursor is where it really does damage.

Dragon awaken

A multiplayer adventure with epic overtones through an exquisite artistic section. Developed by Game Hollywood, Dragon Awaken combines turn-based RPG experience with online worlds which can invite us to face dragons, discover new abilities, and carry increasingly majestic weapons.

Drakensang Online

A worthy alternative to the Blizzard Diablo saga , with extensive and generous lore, many quests, and thus the always rewarding aspect of purging dungeons with the spoils of our most memorable adventures.


Halfway between tactics and card games, Duelys t is an experience which can challenge us in brainy combat while giving us the eye with exquisite creatures recreated in pixelart. lookout , it hooks.

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