The best websites with free online games

There are many lovers of PC games, however, not everyone can have a robust computer with hardware capable of offering us an honest experience within the foremost demanding games. However, there are other kinds of games that we’ll enjoy without having the most recent equipment. We ask online games, which supply us differently to play on the PC without facilities which don’t consume or require as many resources. Next, we are becoming to point out a compilation with the only websites with free online games.

What are online games

The online games are, as their name suggests, people who can play over the online , without facilities. Therefore, to enjoy an internet game, all we’d like is a web connection and use a browser to travel to the online site or domain where it’s hosted. For its part, computer games require the acquisition and / or download of the title itself from one of the only PC game stores , to start out out enjoying them from our computer.

Online games are often individual , during which only we play, or multiplayer , which enable us to play in real time with people from anywhere within the planet within the same game.

These kinds of games are usually designed to use certain technologies that allow them to be run in any browser regardless of the OS , don’t require installations, consume less resources and do not have such demanding hardware requirements as PC video games.

Advantages and disadvantages of online games

Video games or online games offer certain advantages over PC games, but they even have their own drawbacks. the foremost advantages include:

They make use of fewer resources : online games don’t use as many resources on our PC as conventional computer video games, during this manner , the catalog of games that we’ll play on the online multiplies since it doesn’t require that we’ve hardware very powerful in our team.

They are cross-platform : the actual fact that they run directly within the browser, makes online games cross-platform. In other words, it doesn’t matter if we’ve a PC with Windows, macOS, Linux or the opposite OS so as that they work correctly, since we only need an online browser.

Without installations : they’re doing not require any installation process, so as that they will not take up space on our equipment which we will play with the simple undeniable fact that the game loads within the browser.

There are many free : There are plenty of independent browser games or online games that we’ll try or enjoy completely free of charge. people that we’ll find for a fee are less costly than PC games.

But without a doubt, online games also offer certain drawbacks :

Worse graphics : As they’re simpler games and wish less resources, the graphics they supply are much worse than those of PC games or other platforms.

The overwhelming majority aren’t compatible with remotes and other accessories : controls are usually via keyboard and mouse and most don’t offer compatibility with remotes or other accessories.

Fewer game options : additionally to the shortage of compatibility with controls and accessories, online games tend to provide much less game options, making them much simpler games

Dangers of Internet gaming

There are certain common dangers between online games and PC games, but the simple fact of being connected to the online causes other risks to return into play, especially for the tiny ones.

They can create addiction : one of the common problems is that games create addiction and thus , it is necessary to play in its right measure. the only thing are getting to be to manage the time we spend playing, especially within the case of the tiniest of the house.

Socialization problems : Both your addiction and thus the content of the games can create or derive aggressive behaviors. during this manner , the only thing is that each child only has access to online games focused on their age.

Easy access to games with inappropriate content : the actual fact that they are easily accessible and mostly free, makes it possible for everyone to access games with sexual and violent content .

Virtual communities : one of the foremost common characteristics of online games is that it’s virtual communities or even integrated chat tools. during this sense, there are many folks on the online who claim to be who they are not . additionally , this is often often where the danger of cyberbullying can enter, so we must control the use of this type of tools for kids or be under supervision.

Gambling and gambling : casino, bingo or gambling games have gained great popularity on the online , but the truth is that they pose a superb danger because of the great risk to gambling offered by this type of online games.

The best websites with free online games

Currently, we’ll find plenty of websites dedicated to online games of all kinds , from the only online trivial to classic minesweeper. In them we’ll find all kinds of titles that we’ll play from the browser, without facilities and through a really comfortable and easy way. These are variety of the only websites with free online games: could also be an internet site with all kinds of online games to enjoy from your PC browser without limits. As soon as we enter the web , we’ll see plenty of games on the foremost page and each one the categories during which the situation has them organized so as that we’ll find those we a bit like the foremost easily, Classic, Logic, Racing, Action, Sports, Skill, Adventure, Multiplayer, Animals, Movies, Girls, Kids, …

It is one of the websites with the foremost popular free online games. With an interface very almost like that of , as soon as we enter in 1001juegos we’ll see plenty of titles and each one the categories during which they’re organized within the highest , Top, New, Action, Adventures, Classic, Racing, Girls, Puzzle, Shooting, Skill, Sports, Io and click on on . Therefore, all we’ve to undertake to to to start out out enjoying any of the online games that this site offers us is search for it by category, select it and wait a flash for it to load in our browser.


Todosjuegosgratis also offers an outsized catalog of online games among which we’ll find some quite popular titles like Need for speed, Sonic, Solitaire, Super Mario Bros, etc. As soon as we enter we discover the news that have reached the web , the foremost played or popular and thus the categories during which they’re organized on the left side. Like most websites with online games, just click on the game we might wish to play, and through a couple of seconds the fun will begin

It is another of the only free online gaming sites. a bit like the previous ones, offers an outsized catalog with all kinds of games organized in several categories, among which the mobile games stand out. That is, there we’ll find an honest number of online games to play from the mobile browser wherever we are.


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