The best online browser games without downloading or installing

With the passage of time and the advancement of new technologies, it has made more and more followers of browser games, since they offer the advantage of being able to enjoy them without the need for installations, as can happen with PC games . Gone are the solo games so that today, multiplayer games are the most claimed. Of course, we can enjoy this type of games through PC games, from game consoles or simply from the browser, without the need for more facilities. If you are passionate about browser games, these are some of the best you can enjoy from the vast majority of modern browsers. You can enjoy classic games, such as the best online trivia games, or bet on these more modern games for your browser.

What are browser video games

Video games or browser games are those that we can run from the web browser itself, Microsoft Edge, Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. A type of video games that do not need installation, since they run directly in the browser taking advantage of their own technology, although that may require certain plugins or add-ons.

That said, about saying that one of the main advantages of browser video games or online games is that it is cross-platform, since they can be run from any web browser regardless of whether we are in a Windows, Linux, macOS environment, etc. . In addition, they are much more accessible video games than the PC games themselves, since the graphic or hardware requirements for this type of games are minimal. A good browser and a good Internet connection are enough to have a great experience.


A game in which you will be a mouse eager to get cheese. Of course, we will have to fight for that precious treasure with the rest of the players, so we will have to be faster than the rest to get cheese so that our mouse can feed. We will have to jump on platforms and jump all kinds of obstacles to collect the cheese and take it safely to our house. Play to Transformice . An important detail is that we will have to have Flash enabled in our browser in order to play.


Another strategy game that we can enjoy from any browser is Freeciv. A title that for many is an alternative to the famous Civilization saga that we can play in 2D (HTML5) or 3D (WEBGL) view and that offers the possibility of playing in both single player and multi player mode.

Vikings Village: Party Hard

Get rid of killing Vikings with Vikings Village: Party Hard, a game in which the more Vikings we kill, the higher the score and the better the ranking we will get. We will have to discover and unlock all kinds of skills throughout the game without forgetting that setting fire to all the objects that we are collecting will allow us to move more quickly. A game in which drinking beer will give us more health and life to continue fighting.

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